Montana Rustic Furniture and Décor

Following age old traditions and using salvaged wood products I create spectacular custom furniture and décor for your home or work place. Each piece has a soul of its own and evokes memories of twisted old trees and distressed forms from nature itself. Our beautiful rustic décor pieces allow you to bring a little of that nature into your home in the form of useful furniture and art.

Home of Rustic Country Style Decor

Montana rustic furnitureDiscover the beauty of our rustic furniture and décor for yourself by browsing through our gallery or visiting our company store and find that special one of a kind rustic furniture piece you have been looking for. The Bitterroot Valley in western Montana is home to many great artists making everything from rustic log furniture, rustic lighting fixtures, log cabin décor and luxury cabin furnishings. From time to time I am lucky enough to grace the pages of our company store with some of their work also. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I will also work with you on custom design ideas or special request you may have.

Why Rustic Furniture

In this high speed high tech world we live in, the demand for rustic furniture becomes greater every day. Every, log furniture or slab wood furniture piece I make presents the unique appearance of handmade free form art, built to last for generations to come. Unlike some rustic furniture makers that mass produce log furniture in the same way conventional furniture is produced, I still hand peel and hand fit every piece so no two are the same. My rustic furniture and Décor brings us back to a time when things weren’t moving quite as fast and we could enjoy the beauty around us.

Rustic Furniture and Our Environment

Montana Rustic furnitureTalk to any rustic log furniture maker and listen to how they pride themselves in the fact that all of their lumber is harvested from standing dead trees or how they salvage the lumber from old barns to make barn wood furniture. Rustic furniture, slab wood furniture, log furniture and barn wood furniture is truly the most Eco friendly furniture on the market today. Our fore fathers built this style of rustic furniture out of necessity using the material at hand. We continue to build it in the same manner to preserve its bold simple elegance, its history and its natural beauty for all to enjoy. Art is defined as “the use of skill and imagination to create things of beauty”. A rustic furniture maker only needs the skill and imagination required to uncover the beauty that is already there.

Thank you,
Tim White